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Q: How can I apply for transcript?


The procedures for applying the Chinese and English versions transcript are as below:

Apply and pay directly at the Automated Document Application Payment Machine on the 1st floor of building A near the Mailroom (15 NTD per copy for single semester or cumulative academic transcript / 20 NTD per copy for English versions transcript). Retrieve single semester transcript directly from the machine (wait approximately for 30 seconds) and both English and Chinese cumulative academic transcript in Registration and Curriculum Section Office will be ready for pickup after one working day.

Q:How can I know my academic ranking?


1. When you apply your transcript from the Automated Document Application Payment Machine, you can select the option with ranking.
2. When you login Administration System (New), you can also check your ranking at SD0104.

Q: How can I apply for score review?


Please fill out the form "Semester Score Review Application Form" and bring it to the Registration & Curriculum Section Office before required deadline.


A:What is the deadline for score reviewing?

The application period for final examination score reviewing is from the official grades are posted until two weeks before the new semester begins.


Q: What is the registration procedures and when is deadline?


When you receive your registration notice and bill, please pay before required deadline(See Calendar).

For students who apply for student loan and/or tuition waiver, please submit the completed application procedures receipt.

Student Status

Q: How can I reissue student ID card?


The procedures for reissue student ID card is as below:
Step 1: Please print and fill out the form "Shih Chien University‐Application Form of Reissuing Digital Student ID Card".
Step 2: Log in and submit a "Report loss of digital student ID card" via University's Homepage (Current Students, Campus Information).
Step 3: Pay 200 NTD processing fee at the Automated Document Application Payment Machine and bring the receipt to the Registration and Curriculum Section to pick up your new student ID card on the assigned date.

Course Waiver/ Deadline

Q: What types of student are eligible for credit transfer and course waiver?


Students who change major, transferring from other universities, and new students who retook or readmit the admission examination.

Q: How can I apply for credit transfer and course waiver? When is the deadline?


Please bring the original transcript to your department secretary and Registration & Curriculum Section Office to apply for credit transfer. You may only apply once upon entrance within the given time period, which is the first two weeks of the admitted semester, no late application will be accepted.


Q: What is the required maximun and minimun number of course credits per semester for undergradute program?


1. All Daytime Division students shall enroll in no less than 9 units and no more than 25 units per academic semester during their last year of study (graduating year); no less than 16 units and no more than 25 units during the other years of study.
2. Students with an average grade score of 80 or more from the previous academic semester are allowed to enroll in an additional 4 to 6 units.
3. Students who are pursuing a minor and/or double-major, degree program, non-degree program, a professional program, or international exchange courses held by international scholars, are allowed to enroll in an additional 4 to 6 units.

Q: How to apply for Mid-term Course Withdrawal?


The procedures for applying the Mid-term Course Withdrawal are as below:
Step 1: Fill out the Application Form Online

  • Each and every student is allowed to drop only ONE course per semester.
  • After the withdrawal, the total number of credits of courses taken in the semester CANNOT be less than the minimum of required credits.
  •  Application process: Enter Administration System (New) / 教務資訊模組 /Course Selection /SC0116-Course withdrawal Application

Step 2: Schedule Confirmation

  • SC0106ENG-Course schedule
  •  Confirm the course status of the suspended subject: 已停修(Withdrawal)
  •  Withdrawn courses will appear on the transcript with a grading mark of W(Withdrawal).